Rosalie Bol is a contemporary clothing and accessories designer who focuses on exploring the process of deconstruction and reconstruction to extend the lifespan of pre-existing products, whilst also exploring design elements that reduce waste. Her work is an imaginative take on the concepts of reusing and recycling.


Choosing the right materials is at the forefront of her work. She prioritizes materials based on the conservation of natural resources and therefore works with recycled, organic, residual or excess dead stock materials.

By using materials that would otherwise be thrown away, Rosalie hopes to bridge the gap between experimental fashion and sustainably driven design.


Although the collection consists of one-off reconstructed conceptual pieces, there is a heavy emphasis on quality and functionality. Allowing the designs to be transformed into small-scale series of exclusive products. The designs are playful, contain simple constructions, and experiment with modular aspects. Rosalie works with responsible suppliers who have similar values ​​to hers and each piece is designed and produced locally.