This item is part of the In Nets collection and originated from nylon waste collected by fishermen. In Nets is created to extend the life of existing materials and to combat the ghost fishing phenomenon, where abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing nets continue to catch and kill marine life.

This bag is made of a knotted polyethylene network. This network is used to protect nets against wear and tear from the sea bottom. Therefore also perfect for protecting your belongings. The material is hard, does not stretch, retains color and does not absorb water. The entire bag is made of weather-resistant material; waterproof, washable and easy to maintain.


This bag is modular, which means that it is designed according to a system in which parts are

interchangeable. The design can be extended with an insert and a detachable and adjustable strap so you can create a style that suits you most. This system also is a method to easily repair or recycle your bag because all elements (clips, straps, inserts, etc.) can be updated and recycled separately from each other.