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This item is part of the In Nets collection and originated from nylon waste collected by fishermen. In Nets is created to extend the life of existing materials and to combat the ghost fishing phenomenon, where abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing nets continue to catch and kill marine life.

This corset is made of Dolly rope, the most found pollution on the Dutch shorelines. These colored threads of polyethylene microplastics wash up on the beach in large quantities. The threads come from the lines that are hung under trawling fishing nets. These lines are intended to protect the nets against wear and tear, instead the dolly rope wears out hard by dragging along the seabed. Because these materials are designed for outdoor performances they are very strong and can last a long time. Despite the fact that the Dolly rope can be stiff, as a woven piece it is flexible and molds well to the body.

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